Your gutters / eavestrough collect water and direct it safely away from the over-hanging roof structure and building foundation. If a problem is left alone water can damage roof trusses and leak into the building foundation causing structural damage and Thousands of dollars in repairs.

Available in a wide variety of colours, we offer the new industry standard 5″ inch seamless aluminum gutters, secured with hidden heavy duty aluminum hangers and large 3″ inch by 3″ inch pipes to allow for maximum water flow.

Why Does Your Home Needs Gutters?

Gutters help protect many valuable parts of your home by directing rainwater away from them. They prevent moisture from seeping into your roof, direct water away from your basement, protect your home’s foundation and prevent soil erosion. Without gutters, you risk substantially damaging these important parts of your home. Gutters and eavestroughs play a critical role in protecting your house and your investment from damage. Improperly installed, leaking or missing gutters will cost you money, headaches, and issues in the long run.

Not all damage is evident immediately and by the time it shows itself, the damage is already too late and your roof will likely need to be repaired or replaced. The danger in this kind of damage is that it weakens the materials being used, creating a safety hazard. Replacing a part of a structure like the roof can be expensive, especially compared to the low cost of a gutter system which could have easily prevented it.

Gutters also help preserve other yard and property features. These include driveways, gardens, decks/patios and other vital structural components.

Add beauty and value to your property while protecting your home with products from Homescape Aluminum.

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